E3 for Kids

I love E3, always have.  The big booths, blaring music, over-the-top marketing gimmicks, and, most importantly, the games.  When I try to describe what E3 is like to those that have never been, I tell them it’s like Disneyland for gamers.  Well, now I might have to rethink that.

I just took my family to Disneyland, and I was impressed by how much the happiest place on Earth now resembles E3!  Big attractions, blaring music, over-the-top marketing gimmicks, and, most importantly, the games!  The hottest ride right now at California Adventure is Toy Story Midway Mania.  What is it?  A 4-person shooter game where you compete against the other folks in your car, and where the car whisks you from level to level.  At the end, you compare your score to others in both total points and accuracy.  It’s not even a good shooter game, and wouldn’t rate a glance at E3, but at Disneyland, there’s an hour wait thoughout the day.

Then, there’s the Innoventions Exhibit near Space Mountain.  Ever wonder where all those fancy gaming pods go when they’re not being used at E3 or other gaming conventions?  Well, wonder no more, because they hang out in the Innoventions Exhibit at Disneyland, with the same crowds and lines you see at E3.  The only difference is that the average age of the player is much younger, and there’s usually a parent  or two watching and waiting in the wings.

Walt Disney was always about imagineering, so it’s really cool to see how the game industry is helping advance state of the art in that field.  So, if anyone in the games business asks you what Disneyland is like, just tell them it’s like E3 for kids!