Get Up and Game!

Portability in games has exploded.  We can now play anywhere and anytime we want.  Innovation in Smartphones and Tablets has brought entirely new segments of gamers to the industry.  With all this device innovation, you would expect that we would also see a healthy amount of gameplay innovation and we have.   But what has not evolved is the physical form we humans take when we game.  We’re still crouched over and huddled in front of our screens.  Kudos to the Wii and Kinect for helping get gamers up off the couch to game.  Like the guitar and drum games, the physicality that goes with these games is a key ingredient to their success.  Gamers look like humans again.  And humans attract other humans, always have.

But check out the dominant physicality for the smartphones and tablets…

Good Game, Bad Posture

The game can be great.  The place you play it in can be beautiful.  But today’s gameplay will generally turn you into a gaming hunchback in no time.  And what are the signals you’re sending to your fellow humans?  “Stay away from me!” or  ” I’m in my own little world, totally disconnected from the world around me.”  And whether it’s a blast, a bore, or work, the observer has no clue.  Not exactly the foundation for viral adoption that we’d like gameplay to present out in the real world.

But there’s an easy fix.  The gyroscope.  The 3-axis little marvel of engineering is becoming standard on the latest generation of devices.  But no one has really tapped into its potential for gameplay…yet.  Sure there has been plenty of tilting and shaking, but nothing that gets the gamer out of their shell and onto their feet.

Here’s what gyroscopic gaming COULD look like…


And I hope someday soon it does!